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Flowery Heartagram

August 2015

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Flowery Heartagram

1- Favorite song off of Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 : When love and death embrace.
2- Favorite song off of Razorblade Romance : Resurrection.
3- Favorite song off of Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights : Close to the flame,In joy and sorrow.
4- Favorite song off of Love Metal : Love's requiem.
5- Favorite song off of Dark Light : Killing loneliness.
6- Favorite song off of Venus Doom : Passion's killing floor.
7- Favorite song off of Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice : Disarm me.
8- Favorite song not on an album :I've crossed oceans of wine to find you.
9- Favorite music video : In joy and sorrow.
10- Favorite moment from the Love Metal Archives DVD : Interviwe with Stefan Lindfors (He is so beautiful there )
11- Favorite moment from the Digital Versatile Doom DVD : The way he greets after singing Funeral of hearts.
12- Song that instantly makes you smile : Heaven tonight.
13- Song that reminds you of someone : Sweet pandemonium.
14- First HIM song you ever heard : Close to the flame.
15- Song that you listen to when you're sad : All.
16- Song that means a lot to you : All.
17- Song that you think should be made into a music video : Loose you tonight.
18- Song that makes you laugh : In love and lonely.
19- Your favorite song to hear live :It's all tears(D.V.D.)
20- Your favorite quote from any band member : Lots...
21- Your favorite song that HIM has covered : Wicked game, of course.
22- Your favorite line from any HIM song : "By your heart strings I am hanging from a dream"


Man, so many people keep listing the D.V.D. performance of "It's All Tears" on that same question--I really need to get that DVD! (After Christmas is over, I guess.)

Also--dude! You listen to Dream Theater? I've only met like three people who even know who they are, that's awesome!
Yes!!! D.V.D. is fantastic in general. Great performance and perfect sound.
And about Dream Theater ..... simply GREAT !!!
Thanks,Bye :)